Supporting HP Community

“Giving is not just about making a donation.
It is about making a difference.”

Kathy Calvin (CEO of the United Nations)

When we give our time and resources to something greater than ourselves, we have the power to change the lives of others and ourselves. The more you can support us, the better our community can become.

Helping HP Community, a not for profit organization, thrive is a great way to stand up for the causes that matter and make a lasting difference. We are deeply committed to promoting and celebrating cultural and economic diversity within our student body.

Support from our philanthropic partners and individuals contributed to the $200,000 needed for scholarships aiding lower income families.

Our goal is all children thriving: a student body that is ⅓ full pay for tuition, ⅓ scholarship, and ⅓ state funded.

At HP Community, every dollar you donate makes a meaningful difference in the lives of children and families in our community. Here’s how your donation can make an impact.

$50 can help support classroom educational projects.

$100 can buy 6 Bilingual hardcover books for a classroom.

$200 – Ruthie is HP Community’s Comfort Dog. She is here to offer emotional support to children and staff when needed. $200 can contribute to Ruthie’s grooming and healthcare.

can buy playground toys such as balls, bats, hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, tricycles, and more for children to play outside.

can purchase art supplies, math materials, toys, and books for one classroom for an entire year.

gift can allow us to provide an exciting family event that fosters community. Life-long friends are made during the preschool years.

can fund Staff Appreciation Week, showering our outstanding teachers, administrators, support staff, and school social worker with thoughtful gifts, food, and goodies!

– HP Community supplements $200,000 a year to provide tuition assistance to two-thirds of our enrolled children via the State of Illinois Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)as well as the HP Community Scholarship Fund. A gift of $3,500 provides a hot nutritious lunch to all the children in these tuition assistance programs at HP Community for an entire month.

covers the cost for every HP Community teacher to participate in 2 high-quality professional development conferences.

underwrites one year of a school-wide bilingual music program.

provides a 1-year full tuition scholarship for one child whose family could not otherwise afford full-day preschool tuition.

will allow HP Community to give our nature-based playground a much-desired upgrade! This gift will support the cost of a climber, slides, swings, and more for the children to get the most out of their outdoor play!