What is Preschool for All?

Created in 2006, Illinois was the first state to create and support voluntary, high-quality preschool for all three and four year olds. Preschool for All is now focused on serving at risk children with a range of program options and settings, from public and private schools to child care centers and other community-based agencies. Our center has been awarded a Preschool for All for several years. We are fortunate to have these contracts as every child in the classroom benefits from the subsidy regardless of their at-risk classification. Preschool for All classrooms can also be Reggio inspired.

What is a Reggio-inspired classroom?

A Reggio-inspired classroom is one that is influenced by the early childhood philosophies and practices that come out of the world recognized pre-primary schools and day care centers of Reggio Emilia, Italy. It is a philosophy that focuses on the interests of children and the building of projects around those interests as the main tools for learning. Teachers act as facilitators and guides as children explore, question, test, and reflect. The Reggio approach emphasizes the building of knowledge through collaboration and problem solving and believes children can share their understandings in many “languages” (i.e. the language of words or pictures or movement, etc.) and is therefore highly integrated with the arts.

Do you accept children with special needs?

HP Community welcomes all children and prides itself on recognizing and celebrating what makes each of us unique. We are happy to work in conjunction with families, doctors, aides and therapists to provide an inclusive experience for the child and the rest of the class. If a child’s needs surpass the ability of the school to adequately provide safe, quality care or if the general welfare of the class is greatly compromised, HP Community reserves the right to discontinue service for the good of all involved.

Does my child need to be toilet trained?

Potty training is not required to attend our center. That being said, many children do come to us already trained. We hold true to the belief that children potty train when both child and parent are ready which generally happens when the child is between 2-4 years old, depending on gender and other various factors. For those who are not completely potty trained, our teachers will work in partnership with parents to facilitate reaching this milestone at the appropriate time. We also have our social work consultant for help with advice on training our more challenging “pottiers”.

What happens if my child doesn’t want to separate from me at drop-off?

First of all, don’t worry! This is a very common. Children respond to separation in many different ways. It is important that we as adults convey calm and confidence in the face of what may feel a bit scary to the child. At HP Community, we believe in giving the child time to make a comfortable transition and want to avoid a “traumatic” separation experience. Each teacher is well trained and prepared to help children and parents reach this important milestone but each classroom will differ slightly based on the teacher’s style, the needs of parents and, the children’s ages. The teacher will share his/her practices and expectations with parents before school begins and work in partnership with you to assure your child’s separation experience is as positive as possible.

Do I have to pay for days my child doesn’t attend?

In short, yes. At HP Community, when you enroll, you are securing spot at a wonderful place for your child to be on the days for which you enroll. We plan our staffing and programs needs around the numbers we receive during registration. Whether your child attends every day you are enrolled or not, the programming and staff are still available for YOU and we will not give your spot to someone else. In fact, the actual cost of care is 10% greater than our full-fee tuition so everyone, in essence, receives a financial benefit in this way.