Philosophy and Approach

Our philosophy is rooted in the research-supported idea that meaningful learning for children happens through play. Children are celebrated for who they are as unique individuals and as group members. As children, they have rights that we as adults must recognize and protect.

At HP Community, children have the right to:

  • Free, open-ended play which allows them time to explore, discover, and relate to others
  • A safe, stimulating school environment that is purposely set up to provide them with a wide variety of experiences and opportunities to learn
  • Express their ideas, perspectives and questions and to be listened to by adults and peers and know their ideas are valued
  • Engage in meaningful collaboration and problem-solving
  • Feel safe and secure, accepted and loved.

At HP Community, we use a blended approach when working with children.

  • Reggio Emilia approach. Many of our teachers draw inspiration to varying degrees from this internationally recognized philosophy of early childhood education which focuses on project work built around children’s interests as a means of stimulating questioning, exploring and building understanding.
  • Thematic approach. Some teachers employ a hands-on series of experiences which are integrated around particular topics or subjects.
  • Creative Curriculum. This is a researched-based, required curriculum of Preschool For All and other commercially available curricula to augment what happens in the classroom.

All instruction is developmentally appropriate, responsive to the Illinois Early Childhood Learning and Development Standards, and grounded in play as the primary vehicle through which children learn.