PamCarlsonDear Parents and friends of HP Community,

When Winnie-the-Pooh says today is his favorite day, it makes me smile. It also reminds me of why I do what I do. By being an educator, and now an administrator, I have the privilege of being around young children who remind me, day in and day out, what in life is important. They remind me of the importance of being in the moment, to play, to notice what and who is before me, to make friends, to share feelings, to give hugs, to be honest, to dare to ask questions and to enjoy the excitement of finding answers. I may think I am lighting the way for these young children, when they, in fact, are the little beacons. They shine their little lights on my adult constraints and preconceived expectations and every day open up a world of possibility, wonder, and magic. What a gift.

This year marks a transition into a new chapter for our school. Lisa Adelmund, Administrative Director, and I are honored to be selected to be the fourth in line as directors to this outstanding institution with an impressive 62 year history. We look forward to carrying on and improving the practices that have made Community what is for so many years. We are joined by an amazingly talented and dedicated staff. Whether a staff member at “Community” has served one year or 35 years, we all love our work in early childhood and also take our roles very seriously. We believe that every child deserves to thrive. We work diligently to provide an environment rich in opportunities to explore not only materials and ideas, but also relationships between children, adults, and the world around them. Like our name, we believe in _community_ and all that that word entails. Communication is important to us and to that end please expect to get information via email regularly. Also know that our door is always open for further conversation.

So, welcome to “Community”! Welcome to a place that is dedicated to protecting and celebrating childhood. Welcome to a place that appreciates and values play, creative thinking and problem-solving. Welcome to a place whose staff is honored to have been chosen to care for and teach your child(ren). We thank you. May today be your favorite day.


Pam Carlson
Program Director

HP Community

Highland Park Community Nursery School and Day Care Center, affectionately known as HP Community was founded in 1951 by Martha Struve Freeman to provide high-quality, licensed, early childhood education and care to children 2 to 5. We are committed to providing a safe, educational and nurturing environment where children feel safe, cared for and respected.

At “Community”, we believe every child deserves to thrive. Our mission is to provide a safe, caring and enriching environment where:

  • Children and families are nurtured and supported and diversity is celebrated.
  • Each child’s individual emotional, social, cognitive and physical development is fostered by a skilled and loving staff.
  • Play is valued and natural curiosity is encouraged.
  • Interpersonal relationships and collaboration are emphasized and seen as avenues for growth and trust.