Wish List

Community is constantly looking to improve our standards of excellence. Every item we can bring to a child’s play provides new creative avenues for a child’s learning. With donations from community leaders, alumni, and families current and past, we can vastly expand the learning opportunities offered to our students.

 Outdoor Enrichment Fund

Outlast Block Set and
Flow Pan

The Outlast Block Set and Flow Pan are a set of durable outdoor interlocking construction blocks modified by a water basin and spigot. This set allows children to explore the intersection of the natural world and man made construction. Our outdoor play space will be improved by this set and it will help satisfy requirements in Community’s quest to achieve the Gold Circles of Excellence by the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale.

Outlast Block Set 900 - 7,500

Outlast Blocks 900 – 7,500

Flow Pan - 100

Flow Pan – 100

Timber Stackers

Timber Stackers are large scale construction pieces with interlocking slots to create life-sized lincoln log cabins, houses, and bridges. These help children develop interpersonal skills and aid in imaginative play.

2 Year Olds Green Room Fund
Box Car

As our newest addition to Community programming, the two-year-old green room program is looking to expand its play spaces. The Toddler Village Box Car is a durable wooden car and modular steering wheel set that provides a perfect background for dramatic play. Dramatic play teaches empathy and social skills by allowing children to test out new roles and methods of interaction.

Box Car – 185

Transparent Chute

Chute – 80

This attachable transparent chute is a great way for our toddlers to experiment with inclined planes and other basic physical concepts. These toys also help children develop their fine motor skills while learning how to insert objects into the tube and catching objects on the other end.




Nursery Gym & Ramp


Nursery Ramp – 1190

A modular ramp and stairs set will be an excellent addition to our green room class rooms. The carpeted ramp will keep children safe while allowing them to practice their gross motor skills. This ability to practice coordination will keep children safer outside as they learn to move their body in a safe environment.


Bulletin Board

The community playthings bulletin boards are a safer and more durable version of traditional bulletin boards. Fuzzy fabric coating uses velcro dots to attach children’s artwork rather than potentially harmful tacks and staples. Coating the bulletin board is a plastic sheath that protect children’s artwork from curious hands.


32 x 48 Bulletin Board – 205

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